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Newton Abbot is a traditional market town in Devon holding Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The indoor market is open every day except Sundays.

Recent improvements to the town center include pedestrianisation and access for mobility scooters.

The introduction of the railway in the 19th Century created business opportunities and the town still maintains a strategic position on the main railway line to Penzance in Cornwall, London, Bristol and the North.

Geographical location

Newton Abbot is located in Devon to the south east of Dartmoor where the River Teign and the River Lemon converge. The town nettles between Knowles Hill on the northern side and Wolborough Hill on the southern side.

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River Lemon

The River Lemon runs through Bradley Woods on the west side of Newton Abbot and can be seen as it flows past the new Asda building and onwards towards the center of the town. A section has been completely covered by Highweek Way, the bus and market areas. However the river reappears at the junction between Sherborne Road and Courtenay Street. The river continues due east alongside Victoria Gardens and Marsh Road. Then it passes under the bridge on The Avenue. At this point it aligns with The Templer Way trail flowing under the railway bridges where it merges with the larger River Teign passing the Town Quay and finally into the Teign Estuary.

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Stover Canal

The canal was built at the end of the 18th Century by James Templer of Stover House.

A wonderfully interesting website to visit is the Stover Canal website run by the Stover Canal Society. There are excellent images that display the history associated with the Stover Canal.

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